Are Glassine Bags Eco Friendly?

Environmental issues are becoming a growing concern with each passing day and one of the main contributors to this issue is the extensive usage of bags that are not eco-friendly. Different types of bags used for packaging are available and readily used. The problem with these bags is that most of them are not eco-friendly. While plastic bags remain the most popular choice of packaging, it is harming the environment in more ways than one.

Glassine bags can be a great alternative to plastic for addressing this issue. It is a smooth, glossy, and semi-transparent paper that is resistant to water, air, and grease. It is made from wood pulp and is used mainly in package applications. However, are these glassine bags eco-friendly? Since glassine is made from wood pulp, this results in it are completely recyclable and biodegradable.

Key Takeaways

  • The necessity of using eco-friendly materials is at an all-time high since the environment is being adversely affected due to the over-exploitation of non-renewable resources.
  • Glassine bags are both recyclable and biodegradable making them an ideal substitute to be plastic bags.
  • Multiple problems arise due to the overuse of plastic bags so it is paramount to cut down on the usage of plastic bags and start using eco-friendly bags instead.

The Necessity of Eco-Friendly Bags

The usage of plastic in bags is so common that it can be found in every shop. However, there are major issues associated with plastic. The problem starts the very moment plastic is being produced. This is because in order to produce plastic, non-renewable resources such as petroleum and natural gas are needed. It is also damaging the environment on a large scale. This is because plastic non-biodegradable which essentially means that once it is produced, it will take a long time for it to decompose naturally. Plastic has an average usage of 12 minutes before it is thrown away and the alarming thing is that this 12 minutes of usage leads to 1000 years of pollutants.

This is why the necessity of using materials that are eco-friendly is extremely important. Some of the reasons are:

The necessity of eco friendly bags

Preserving nature and wildlife

Everything works in a balanced manner and this is true for nature as well. Taking natural resources for granted by over-exploiting and running them results in nature being imbalanced. Eco-friendly products are made in such a way that does not cause any harm to the environment.

Pollution caused by plastic is deadly for wildlife since it is not biodegradable. Since plastic contains toxic chemicals so it can kill wildlife and make them vulnerable to disease. The lightweight nature of plastic results in animals being trapped and injured by plastic making it incredibly hard for some species to live and breed naturally.

Improved climate

The speedy rate at which the climate is changing should be extremely concerning. Nowadays seasons are not normal as it was previously. Summers are too hot and winters are too cold. The usage of eco-friendly products will drastically improve the climate since no damage is being done to the environment.

Saving humankind

There is a connection between everything in this world. The over-exploitation of natural resources is not only affecting nature but humans as well. Human beings are susceptible to new diseases every single day. The main reason for this is, producing and disposing of products irresponsibly.

Commercial viability

It takes massive amounts of fossil fuels and natural resources in the manufacturing process of plastic. For example, in order to produce plastic bags 12 million barrels of oil are needed bags each year and this is just for the US only. So it is very difficult to imagine how much this number would get multiplied by if the whole world is taken into consideration.

Eco-friendly products make use of inexhaustible resources such as wind, water, and sunlight. When compared to exhaustible resources they are highly cost-effective making them a commercially viable option.

Better health

When plastic is produced, dangerous chemicals such as heavy metals, flame retardants, and fluorinated compounds are released into the environment which has adverse effects on the health of both humans and animals alike.

Eco-friendly products are made using natural resources which are chemical free unlike other products found in the market. This will result in better overall health due to the absence of toxic chemical substances which will encourage people to use more and more eco-friendly products. Subsequently, the environment will be benefitted as well.

Glassine Bags as an Eco-Friendly Alternative

Glassine bags as an eco friendly alternative

As mentioned before, glassine is a smooth, glossy, and semi-transparent paper that is made from wood pulp. Additionally, glassine is resistant to water, air, and grease. Wood pulp is biodegradable so the products made from wood pulp will be biodegradable as well. As the name suggests, wood pulp is obtained from wood. Since wood is a hundred percent recyclable and biodegradable raw material, thus glassine bags are eco-friendly.

The Benefits of Using Glassine

Glassine is a smooth and semi-transparent paper that is not only durable but appearance-wise looks amazing. It is a very effective way of displaying and protecting the things put inside of it. Additionally, it is both recyclable and biodegradable. The benefits of using glassine are not limited to it being eco-friendly only. There are other benefits as well such as

The benefits of using glassine


Glassine bags are made from recycled materials and can be recycled after it has been used! This makes it so that new resources are not wasted in the production of the glassine bags. Most materials when contaminated are not able to be recycled. But that is not the case for glassine as it can easily be cleaned and recycled to reproduce more glassine bags!

Water soluble

The problem with many plastic products is that they end up in the seas and oceans. Here, they remain on the surface and slowly release microplastics that get eaten by the fish. Once there, the whole food chain is contaminated with it and we will periodically see microplastic in our foods! But glassine is made from soy wax which is water soluble! This means that they will dissolve in water and not contaminate the whole ecosystem!


Unlike plastic which remains on the land and water for thousands of years and releases toxic chemicals, glassine is biodegradable. This means that once disposed of, you can be sure it will return to the earth as it decomposes. That is why glassine bags provides the benefit of not worrying about pollution. Instead, they can be helpful to plants by giving them nutrients to survive!


If you think that glassine is a weak product, then you would be completely wrong! In fact, they are more resistant to tearing and overall a stronger material than plastic could ever be! That means you can reuse it over and over again before you dispose of it. Reusability makes sure that you are using one product for a longer time and contributing less to pollution such as landfills!


If you are worried if you could make compost out of your glassine bags, then you can be sure that you can! Because they are made of natural materials, they can be easily compostable and will enhance your eco-friendly gardens!

Industrial use

There is a lot of polluting waste in all industries, most of them being non-biodegradable and causing staying in landfills. The semi-transparent paper used in glassine bags makes it a versatile option. From food packaging, medicine, and the beauty industry, glassine bags can all be utilized in these industries. They are also used in packaging for pet care products! When these products are packaged with the help of glassine, they remain safe and sound while remaining sustainable.


Glassine bags are not only affordable but long-lasting as well making them a great commercially viable option for business purposes. If glassine bags are used for packaging, there will be an increase in the profit margin when it is bought in bulk.

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Top 5 Alternatives to Plastic Bags

Plastic is causing immense damage to the environment because of its non-biodegradable property. It only breaks down into microparticles or extremely small particles. These microparticles ultimately finish up residing in soil, water systems, and even in the air. This is why it is important to not only cut down the usage of plastic but to find suitable alternatives which are eco-friendly.

The top alternatives to plastic bags other than glassine are:

Alternatives to plastic bags
  1. Paper: paper bags are biodegradable which means that they don’t stay on the Earth’s surface for 1000 years like plastic bags. They usually take less than 6 months to decompose. Additionally, these bags are recyclable as well.
  2. Jute: bags made from jute are 100% biodegradable and low-energy recyclable.
  3. Canvas: canvas bags are long-lasting and they help in the reduction of plastic waste.
  4. Organic Cotton: organic cotton bags are fully biodegradable since it is made from natural fibers.
  5. Mesh bag: mesh bags are durable and compared to regular plastic bags, they can carry more weight.


1. What makes glassine bags good for the environment?

Bags made from glassine are fully recyclable and biodegradable which results in them being an excellent eco-friendly option.

2. What is the specialty of glassine bags?

Bags from glassine are naturally biodegradable and recyclable. Additionally, they are resistant to moisture, air, and grease.

3. How much time does it take for a glassine bag to decompose?

The time that it takes for a glassine bag to decompose ranges from a few weeks up to a few months since they are essentially made from paper.

Final Thoughts

It is extremely important to cut down on the usage of plastic bags as they are causing tremendous damage to the environment. The production of plastic bags uses up massive chunks of non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels and natural gas in the production process. When produced, they release toxic and harmful chemicals into the environment. It is high time that all of us unite together to stop using plastic and start using eco-friendly substitutes instead. By doing so we are ensuring that we have a better today as well as a better tomorrow.

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