Does Eco Styler Gel Have Alcohol In It?

Hair care products such as hair gel don’t only take care of our hair but also helps us to inherit different hairstyle and the way we wanted them. Eco Style Gel is often used as an on-the-go type hair finishing product that we use to hold our hair in place and shiny look in it. To do so, the ingredients of Eco Style Gel are particularly chosen for holding our hair and providing it with extra care for long-lasting life.

The use of alcohol in various hair care and cosmetics products are very common practice. If you take any random hair or beauty product, there is a high chance that you will see the name ‘Alcohol’ or any other associated ingredient used to make it. But does Eco Styler Gel contain alcohol? What are the pros and cons of using alcohol-added hair gels? Let’s find out.

Key Takeaways

  • Eco Styler Gels doesn’t contain alcohol as an ingredient. Rather it uses more nature-based ingredients which are much more hair friendly.
  • Short-chain or drying alcohols such as Ethanol, Propanol, and Propyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol and SD alcohols are likely to cause hair damage.
  • Though alcohol-added hair product has their user base, it is alcohol-free gel like Eco Styler Gel has got the majority of user and is much safer to use in the long run.

Does Eco Styler Gel Have Alcohol In It?

Does eco styler gel have alcohol in it?

If you look closely at the label used to decorate the Eco Styler Gel products, then you will notice that it has an ‘Alcohol-Free’ tag added to it. That means, there was no alcohol or any other similar kind of substance/ingredient used to make Eco Styler Gels.

Also if you look at the ingredient list both on the product label and Eco Style Gel’s official website then you will see that they are made without using alcohol. Other open-source platforms and experienced hair and beauty product handlers have also confirmed it. Eco Styler Gels are mostly made out of naturally resourced ingredients like Wheat-based protein, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, aqua water, and various seed and flower. Some artificial chemicals such as PVP, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Polysorbate 20, and Tetrasodium EDTA are being used in the role of preservatives, softeners, perfumes, cleaners, etc.

But indeed, no alcohol or similar type ingredient is being used in Eco Style Gel.

Why Alcohol Is Added To Many Hair Products?

Generally, alcohol is known for its ability to draw moisture, and for this reason, we see its use in many hair and beauty products. They also convert the other ingredients used in the product too thick or thin, condition your hair, help to absorb the applied product, and remove oil or extra moisture.

There are two types of alcohol used:

  1. Short-chain or drying alcohol
  2. Long-chain fatty or emulsifying alcohols

Short-chain or drying alcohols: This type of alcohol is used in hair products as an absorber and most likely dries your hair very quickly. They’re generally used in hair products that need a quick drying effect. This type of alcohol is called the ‘Bad Ones’ as they have little to no use for hair.

Examples: Ethanol, Propanol, and Propyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol and SD alcohols.

Long-chain fatty or emulsifying alcohols: This type of alcohol is called the good one. They nourish your hair and work as a ‘Filler’ medium between other ingredients of the gel. It simply emulsifies the water and oil that are applied to hair through hair gel.

Examples: Laurel alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, Myristyl alcohol, Stearyl alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol, etc.

Is it Bad to Use Alcohol-Added Hair Products?

Though using alcohol-added hair products isn’t prohibited rather some alcohol impacts your hair positively. But indeed, their constant use may cause your hair to be damaged just like drinking alcohol causes to the human body.

Some of the hair products such as Hair Spray needs alcohol to be used as its ingredient. Depending on the type of alcohol being used in hair products it is the Short-chain or drying alcohols that cause the most harm to your hair.

Short-chain or drying alcohols are very effective for drying your hair once they become wet after using gels. But every time it dries your hair that sucks out moisture from your hair. Thus eventually your hair ends up with dryness and dehydration day by day. It also makes your scalp dry, itchy, flaky, and prone to irritation. It may also cause the hair follicles to become weaker, facing problems like split ends, hair breakage, hair fall, dandruff, etc.

As there is no conclusive evidence for declaring alcohol added hair products are always bad to use. Many popular hair products are perfectly shaping our hair daily. But as not every alcohol is made equally thus an apprehension remains against it.

5 Benefits of Using Alcohol-Free Hair Gel: Eco Styler Gel

As an alcohol-free hair product, using Eco Styler Gel has some benefits of its own. Some of the benefits are as follows:

Using alcohol free hair gel eco styler gel

1. Likely to use natural ingredients

Naturally, hair care products that use natural ingredients have an edge over other artificial ingredient used products. Eco Styler Gel uses natural resource-influenced elements such as Wheat-based protein, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, aqua water, and various seed and flower. There leave very few to no negative impacts on the users.

2. Healthy scalp, fewer problems

Eco Styler Gel as an alcohol-free hair product doesn’t leave much effect on the scalp thus the chances of your scalp becoming dry are likely to be very low. Eco Styler Gel contains a much lower portion of harsh chemicals and doesn’t cause unnecessary buildups over your hair and scalp.

3. Proteins and Vitamins

In the process of styling your hair, Eco Styler Gel also provides much-needed plant-based protein, Vitamins like B, D, and deoxidizer to your hair. Thus using it causes your hair and scalp to be stronger, shiny, and healthy.

4. Keeps the moisture

Alcohol-added hair products dry your scalp very quickly by vaporizing the moisture along with the alcohol. Whereas, alcohol-free Eco Styler Gel has a gentle impact on the scalp. It rather reduces the extra moisture slowly and keeps it at a required level. If your scalp is already dry then moisture-creating ingredients such as coconut oil retain the moisture softly.

5. Less sticky and texture defining

Alcohol-free hair gels are less artificial harsh chemical oriented. As more natural resource-based ingredients are used thus Eco Styler Gel users find less hold on their hair which is likely to be more natural and non-sticky. It relieves the hair from getting too harder and crunchy. Eco Style Gel helps the user to define their natural texture more and reduces the damage by not pushing their limits.


1. Is it Haram to use alcohol in hair?

As per Islamic rules and their scholars, all products, and cosmetics containing alcohol are prohibited and haram. Because alcohol may end up mixing with blood through the skin.

2. How do you remove Eco Styler gel from hair?

You can use big teethed combs to clear the excessive gels from your hair. Also, you can remove Eco Styler Gel by rinsing with fresh water and conditioning it afterward thoroughly to have back your natural texture.

3. Which Eco Gel is best for curly hair?

Eco Style Curl and Wave Professional Styling Gel is the ideal gel for wavy and curly hair. It is enriched with a farm hold that moisturizes and defines your curled hair.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Eco Styler Gel is an alcohol-free Styling gel. Rather they are more nature-supplied hair care products. The fight between Alcoholic Vs Free- Alcohol-based hair products will go on as there have two different user fan bases. It is just a matter of user-friendliness; some people find Alcohol added products more useful than alcohol-free products. But alcohol-free product such as Eco Styler Gel has always gone the majority.

Not all the products are developed and made equally neither the nature of sensitivity among the users will be the same always. But it is a proven fact that natural ingredients are and will always be more sustainable and effective than anything else. What do you think? We rest the case by leaving it to you to judge as you use them.


Todd Smith is a trained ecologist with five years of experience in environmental conservation and sustainability. He has a deep passion for promoting sustainable practices and has developed a thorough understanding of the natural world and its complex interconnections.

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