How to dispose of auto firing vape

How To Dispose Of Auto Firing Vape?

Electric gadgets have been around us for a while. They have been of great use for easing our daily life. Electric vape is one such gadget that allows the user with an alternative option for cigarettes.  They are also equally beneficial when they need to be replaced with newer ones, as most electric gadgets are recyclable. For that, it is important to know how to dispose of them properly. Because once we are done using them, they become e-waste and they are somewhat different than our daily trash.

Disposing of an auto-firing vape requires attention to local e-waste disposal regulations. In case you don’t know, there are state-wise disposal laws for better e-waste management. Now if you have an auto-firing vape that is of no use to you anymore and you are looking for ways to dispose of it properly, you just have found the right article. Here, I will cover what is an auto-firing vape, disposing of it by yourself and some alternative methods, and some benefits of disposing of such e-wastes properly.

Key Takeaways

  • Auto firing a vape requires dismantling it first into pieces before disposing of it in a trash bin.
  • Batteries, coils, and electric components can pollute nature if thrown away unprocessed.
  • Read your local e-waste disposal guideline before disposing of an auto-firing vape.
  • You can donate, sell or exchange the faulty auto-firing vape than completely dispose of it.

Auto Firing Vape

Auto firing vape
Auto firing vape

Technically known as an ‘E-cigarette’, a vape is a device that allows users to inhale flavored nicotine or nicotine-free liquids. It functions by heating a flavoring liquid, which the user then inhales. Vapes can range in size and design from conventional tobacco-style devices to bigger, more sophisticated ones. In most cases, people use non-nicotine liquids as an alternative to normal cigarettes.

There are two ways to turn on your vaping equipment. The device can be started manually by pressing a button or automatically by inhaling. The second way is known as auto-firing, but the term may also be used to describe the phenomenon in which a vape device starts to work even while you are not inhaling or hitting the fire button.

Its Components: An auto-firing vape has different parts that work as a single module to vaporize the flavored liquid. They are: 

  • The Frame
  • Battery
  • Coil
  • Atomizer
  • Tank

Steps of Disposing of An Auto-Firing Vape

Steps of disposing of an auto-firing vape
Steps of disposing of an auto-firing vape

Auto-firing vape consists of some of the most chemically hazardous materials which is why disposing of it requires disassembling first as a precautionary measure. Here is how you will need to dispose of your auto-firing vape step-by-step:

1. Disassemble

Unscrew the tank and battery. These are the most dangerous parts of an auto-firing vape. Take pliers and carefully remove the ends of the vape and then use scissors to disconnect the juice pod from the battery. Don’t force while removing one from another. Especially the battery and coils. It may trigger any spark and fire afterward.

2. Empty The Tank

You should not want to dispose of the vaping liquids too. It will be better to store them in a liquid jar and dump them separately. Dumping out any e-liquid in a trash bin can cause all the waste to get even more contaminated.

3. Dispose Of All Parts

Time to dispose of the parts. Don’t think of disposing of them altogether. This is the reason why we suggested you disassemble the vape firsthand. You can put all the metal parts except electronics in a sealed bag and throw them straightway to the trash bin. 

For the plastic components, take another bag market as recyclable waste and place them separately in the recycling bin.

4. Lastly

put the batteries in a waterproof bag and place them beside the plastic waste. They are recyclable too but need to be kept dry until they reach the recycling facility. It is because the chemicals inside batteries like lithium ions can react violently with water and cause explosions.

Alternative Disposing of Auto Firing Vape

Alternative disposing of auto firing vape
Alternative disposing of auto firing vape

Apart from disposing of an auto-firing vape by yourself, you can follow these alternative methods to get rid of it.

  • Collection Facility: You can resell or donate used vaping devices, or recycle them online or through companies such as Home Depot and Best Buy, which offer electronic waste recycling. There might be company outlets or even private collectors that can thrive for such electric vape.
  • Donate To Science Project: Auto-firing vapes are consists of several types of electrical components. A faulty vape may seem worthless to you but its individual parts can take part in something astonishing to make. Take the atomizer for example, it will be hard for the students to source one directly. But consider donating it to the authority’s supervision for preventing its misuse.
  • Sell Or Trade To Else: You can sell off the auto-firing vape for some good bucks. You can either advertise online for that purpose or simply sell it to anyone you know. Many people will look for such vape even if it is faulty for sure.
  • Repair And Use: If the vape has an auto-firing issue when it is not in use, you can send it for repair to solve this issue. Check for warranty availability to see if it can be sent to the purchase store. If not, then look for any possible qualified electrician available to do that.

Remember that not all the e-waste you dispose of comes back recycled. Some end up in landfills too. So the less you consume and dispose of, the better. Don’t think of trying to experiment on it if you are not really good at it. It may cost you.

Benefits of Properly Disposing An Auto-Firing Vape

Benefits of properly disposing an auto-firing vape
Benefits of properly disposing an auto-firing vape

There is more than one benefit of disposing of your auto-firing vape correctly. Some of these have a much wider impact than you can think of:

1. Helps Waste Management

The first benefit of disposing of an auto-firing vape by dismantling is, it makes waste management more organized and meaningful. When you are keeping different types of vape parts such as plastic, metal, and dangerous material organized, it helps the waste man to identify and transport them separately. Otherwise, they could have further disposed into the landfills, causing harm to nature.

2. Reduces Pollution

Disposing of e-waste such as an auto-firing vape as per local rules, helps to reduce pollution. This includes water, air, and soil pollution reduction. The flavored liquid in the vape is nothing but chemical formulations. It may not be adequate for a watery living if it somehow ends up in the water. Also, plastic and metals are non-compostable in soil and can take even 100 years to completely mix with the soil. Batteries are made of carbon, if caught in fire, the black smoke can seriously pollute the air.

3. Saves From Potential Danger

Some may suggest that auto-firing vapes are too small to dissemble and send for disposing of, rather breaking them by themselves is easy. But every piece of electric waste doesn’t matter how tiny it is, it should be disposed of properly. These electronics consist of precious yet highly flammable sub-particles. Even if it is faulty, it can hold hidden elements that can lead to accidents, if handled improperly.

4. Increases Recycling

The best part of these e-electrics is that they are mostly recyclable. Plastics, metal alloys, and batteries all are recyclable. All they need is to get returned to a suitable recycling facility after disposal. If someone disposes of their auto-firing vape by the disassembling method mentioned above, they are actually promoting these materials’ safe recycled return back to themselves.

Respect Local E-Waste Rules & Regulations

Knowing and implementing your local e-waste rule and regulation is at the core of disposing of an auto-firing vape. Different states have varying laws regarding e-waste. So it’s important to research what is required before proceeding with the disposal process. Also, depending on your local administrative authority, there might be some sort of special e-waste collective facility. These campaigns ensure the safe and better passage of such e-wastes; from your doorstep to the disposal factory.  In many states, it is illegal to try disposing of any e-waste by yourself, unaware of these rules even may lead to possible fines and disciplinary actions.


1. What to do if your disposable vape is auto-firing?

The most likely cause of auto-firing is condensation and debris in the pod chamber. If you experience auto-firing, it is better to pull out the pod chamber and look for any such deformation. If found then replace it and if not found then, clean the pod chamber thoroughly.

2. How do you dispose of a vape that won’t stop firing?

If your vape is non-stop auto-firing, then disposing of it will require burning off the remaining battery power first. For that, put the auto-firing vape in a sealed metal container for some time. After the batteries run out of electricity, it will be easy to dismantle the vape in pieces.

3. What happens if I put my vape in a cup of water?

Putting an auto-firing vape in a cup of water may have two different outcomes. Most likely, the coil will heat up the water and liquid juice together and create a smoke initially. Or as the vape is electrical, it can stop working the right way.

Final Thoughts

Electric waste such as auto-firing vapes requires a special process for disposal. It is because they contain hazardous materials such as lithium-ion batteries, coils, polyethylene plastics, contaminated metals, etc. These substances can vastly leave their pollution trace in nature for a long time. Before disposing of such e-waste, you have to first comply with the local e-waste disposal guideline. Next, carefully disassemble the auto-firing vape and separate them the right way, marking them for easy waste management. Contact your local garbage puller for arranging to collect this waste separately. Also, you can try selling and donating these to others. As they say ‘one man’s garbage is another’s treasure.’ In such a way, we can get rid of an auto-firing vape and keep our nature healthy.


Todd Smith is a trained ecologist with five years of experience in environmental conservation and sustainability. He has a deep passion for promoting sustainable practices and has developed a thorough understanding of the natural world and its complex interconnections.

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