How To Dispose Of Buddhist Statues?

The people who believe in the religion of Buddhism value the statue of Buddha a lot. They believe that this is a statue of their god’s face. Like other religions, they also pray to him to get blessed. They have their own rules and regulations to follow in their religion, which is guided by their god Buddha. But sometimes, for some reason, as a Buddhist, you may have to dispose of the Buddhist statue. As you know, it is a religious item, and you may have to be careful and respectable in disposing of the Buddhist statue. Now you may wonder how you can do it.

In this article, I’ll explain how to dispose of Buddhist statues, why disposing of them in that way is important, and what the uses of Buddhist statues are.

Key Takeaways

  • The statue of Buddha is very respectful, so you must be gentle and respectful with the statue.
  • When it comes to disposing of the Buddha’s statues, bury them, burn them, or leave them in the holy water.
  • If you can dispose of the Buddhist statues properly, then you are also going to get so many blessings for your good work.
  • If you have a Buddhist statue and are willing to dispose of it, then be quick and dispose of it properly by following the rules and getting blessed.

How to Dispose of Buddhist Statues?

As a religious blessing item and a god’s statue, while disposing of it, you may have to be respectful and also follow a strict way to dispose of the statue. The strict ways to dispose of Buddhist statues are:

How to dispose of buddhist statues
How to dispose of buddhist statues

Leave them in the ocean or a river

It means Buddhists believe that the water is blessed by the god Buddha and is also so pure that it can remove any kind of sin from you. So, it means that when you are leaving the Buddha’s statue in the holy water, you are meaning to leave the god’s statue in a holy place that is so pure and respectful. So, if you want to dispose of any Buddha statues, then leaving them in the water is the most pure and respectful work that you can do. But while leaving them in the ocean, remember not to throw them into the water, as it can give you a curse and is also counted as disrespectful behavior toward a god. So, while leaving, try to be gentle with that statue.

Bury the Buddhist statue

Another easy way to dispose of the Buddhist statue is to bury the statue. Yes, you can bury the statue of the Buddha under the soil. It is also a respectful way to get blessed while disposing of the Buddha’s statue.

Burn the statue

You can also burn the statue. Some special-quality marble ovens can be found for burning religious statues to respectfully dispose of them and get blessed. By burning the statue, you can burn all of your sins too, as you are blessed, as believed by the Buddhists. It will turn the statue into ash, and you have to collect the ashes and leave them in the river. It will give you purity and blessings from the Buddha. During the burning process, Buddhist monks usually chant hymns in the name of Buddha to help purify the statue.

Take help from a monk

If you are still confused about what to do to dispose of a Buddhist statue, then just go and visit a monk. He will help you by giving you the best solution. He will also give you suggestions on how to get blessed by disposing of the Buddhist statue. Sometimes, monks associated with temples will take the broken statues and restore it themselves.

Why Disposing of Buddhist Statues Is Important?

Why disposing of buddhist statues is important
Why disposing of buddhist statues is important

Statues that are old enough or have cracks after being created can be broken or have problems easily. It can also be the same for religious statues. When it comes to the Buddhist statues, they are also the same. But as it is a respectable statute that you have to dispose of, you must be sincere to avoid any kind of bad sin while disposing of it. And if you don’t dispose of that statute, that can also be a bad sin for yourself. So, by being so respectful to the statue, you have to dispose of them as soon as possible. So, it can be said that to avoid any kind of bad sin and earn some of the best blessings, disposing of Buddhist statues is important.


1. How do I dispose of Buddha’s images?

When it comes to disposing of Buddha’s images, you also have to follow the same rules as the statues to respectfully dispose of them. If you can follow the rules and dispose of the Buddha’s images, you can be blessed with all the good sins, and it can also help you to remove all of your bad sins.

2. Is throwing Buddha’s statue a bad sin?

Yes, it is a very bad sin to dispose of Buddha’s statue. As written in “The Tripitakas,” it can also give you a curse if you are rude to a Buddha’s statues, and that is a very bad sin that can make your life so hard to survive.

3. Does gifting a Buddha statue bring you blessings?

Gifting a Buddha’s statue means achieving purity, honesty, inner peace, and happiness for the person to whom you have given that statue. So, you are going to get blessed for bringing so much happiness and peace to someone by gifting a Buddha statue.

Final Thoughts

Disposing of Buddhist statues is a very respectful job to complete. After having some problems with those statues, you need to dispose of them because they are broken or problematic in Buddhism. So, to avoid any kind of bad sin and get blessed by disposing of the Buddhist statues, you have to dispose of them properly. While disposing of them, you have to keep in mind that you are disposing of very restful statues, so you have to be gentle and dispose of them sincerely by following all the rules and regulations that were created by the god Buddha to get blessed.

So, dispose of the Buddhist statues by following the rules and getting blessed by the god Buddha.


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