How to Dispose of Microwave?

Nowadays microwave oven is a common sight in almost all kitchens. Though it is a very useful utensil to use but once its lifecycle comes to an end, as you are trying to get rid of your running/faulty microwave woven it may take a lot more than you are thinking of. In many countries, microwave ovens are considered type-rated waste that you can’t just simply dump in your trash bin or simply put out in front of your house so that the garbage man can take it away.

‘Then how to get rid of my old microwave?’ Don’t worry! There are some simple yet creative options that you may consider for disposing of your old/nonfunctioning microwave easily. These options will not only cover you with an easy fix for disposing of your microwave but will also positively impact the environment. Let’s go to the discussion, shall we?

Key Points

  • Microwave contains hazardous electric components which pollute our environment if imposed improperly.
  • There are certain laws and regulations in different countries on how to dispose of E-wastes. You should know your country’s one before imposing a microwave.
  • Don’t do an experiment or any other unprofessional impose practice on your leftover microwave. This may cost you.

Things to Know Before Disposing of a Microwave

Before jumping into the methods of disposing of a microwave first we have to understand why you can’t just dump it anywhere. In various countries, a microwave is classified as an E-waste or electric waste. Due to their mechanism and components, they are considered ‘hazardous’. Any microwave category oven creates electromagnetic radiation waves. As these electric components are not bio-graded disposable thus it is wise not to throw out your microwave any place without disposing of it properly.

Another important thing is the local laws and regulations regarding disposing of e-waste. Based on the location you are living in, your municipality or society may have some rules and regulations regarding it. You should know the terms and conditions necessary and professionally follow them as an abiding citizen.

8 Ways to Dispose a Microwave

There may have various methods for disposing of a microwave depending on the laws and availability of those options in your locations. The top 10 ways to dispose of a microwave are discussed below. You can easily follow one of them to easily get rid of your microwave:

1. Just Sell It

If you own a perfectly working microwave and are in seek of getting it out of the house, then why not make money out of it rather than dispose of it for nothing? You can start by having a verbal advertisement with your friends (even foes) if they needed to buy a microwave. One of your neighbors and even someone in your society who might need a microwave.

You can also sell it off at your convenient online site where people sell their stuff. There are plenty of those sites and I believe you can find one easily for sure. I hope you find a good deal doing that.

Just sell it

2. E-Waste Recycling Centers

This is the most eco-friendly method of disposing of your microwave. Recycling doesn’t only save the reusable part but also helps to keep the planet Earth cleaner. An E-waste recycling center generally employs highly trained professionals to recycle your electric waste. If you are living in an urban area, then you may such type of center easily.

To initiate the disposal procedure first, notify them that you have a microwave that you want to dispose of. It will be great if they have a pickup service but if not then you can drop it off at your convenient time.

E-waste recycling centers

3. Municipal Waste Center

If you are living in a municipality then they might have an e-waste pickup and disposal option. If the waste management is done by the municipality then there should be some regulations regarding e-wastes. Contact them about the microwave and arrange a pickup. Governmental disposal agencies are often equipped with procedures and establishments for different types of waste and their disposals.

Once confirmed that they will pick up the microwave then just tag your microwave with an e-waste label and leave it beside your garbage bin. They will pick it up from there and dispose of it afterward. Pretty easy, eh?

Municipal waste center

4. Local Garbage Center or Landfill

If you are having trouble with the pickup from your house premises, then you can look for any local garbage center or garbage landfill and make it to delivery yourself. Before that, you may want to make a phone call regarding the methods of disposing of e-wastes of them. If seems convenient and environmentally friendly, then use this method.

But This method is the least environmentally friendly among all as the garbage center might dispose of the microwave directly along with other garbage in your absence.

Local garbage center or landfill

5. In-Store Collection Programs

Some big chain retail store has their e-waste recycling policy through which they take certain conditioned e-waste like the microwave you want to dispose of. Several store has exchange programs such us if you buy certain products for them you will get a discount in exchange for your old microwave. But to do so it will be wiser to call them first to verify and confirm whether they have such offers going on and what are the terms and conditions regarding it.  After the verbal confirmation, they will let you know the location of their shop or where to make the drop-off.

In store collection programs

6. Donate Your Old Microwave

Some people are in need of a microwave even if it is old but can’t afford it by themselves. Look for such people within your community. If your microwave is old but works just fine and you are thinking of disposing of it then why not give it to the people who are in need of it? There are many ways you can find a way to donate the microwave. You may donate it personally from your findings. Online methods like sharing it in your local giveaway social media community or some online nonprofit social work organizations can do it for you.

Donate your old microwave

7. Manufacturers’ Microwave Takeback or Recycling Programs

Various big company has a takeback and recycle policy regarding the electric products they are selling. If your old microwave company has such programs, then it will be a convenient option for you. Visit your nearest brand store or website and confirm that they have a similar program like that. After that, you have to drop it off at their location or by providing the necessary information depending on the availability they will pick it up from you.

Manufacturers microwave takeback or recycling programs

8. Old Appliances Retail and Repair Shop

There are always some retail shops in every community that retails used home appliances like your working microwave. Find one and make a drop-off quickly. They will snatch it away for many reasons. If it is in good condition they can resell it to others. If it is broken then they can try to fix it for resell, if broken then can try to fix it with one or two new parts, if not fixable at all then they will recycle it for precious components and parts. If your microwave model is a newer one, then there is a high chance that you will get good money out of it.

Old appliances retail and repair shop

Things You Shouldn’t Do to Dispose of Microwave

Microwave is electronic non-bio-graded items that contain a high amount of hazardous materials and components which may cause pollution to the environment. So it will not be a wise decision by trying it

Things you shouldnt do to dispose of microwave

Leaving it by the roadside unannounced

As we know that microwave is a sensitive electric item so you should not leave it beside your regular trash bag. It is a potentially dangerous thing for passersby. If you are sure about the pickup of your microwave for disposal, then you should at least tag it with proper marking for easy understanding.

Try to burn it

For the same reason of containing hazardous electric items, you should never try to burn the microwave as some of its parts may explode in touch of fire. Also during the burning process, it will pollute the air by releasing various dangerous and unhealthy gas. It is illegal to burn such items and can cause fines by authorities.

Try to bury it

A microwave is made of materials like steel, polymer, and other materials which don’t compose and mix with soil over time. So burying it on the ground will not solve the issue of disposal rather it will cause the soil to pollute.

Try to tear it up

It will not be a wise decision to tear up the microwave by yourself if you are not an expert in this field. You don’t know are component’s name and their work so it will not bring any good for you after your tear it up. There again accidents can easily occur in the process of tearing it up. So leave it to the professionals.


1. Should you throw away a rusty microwave?

A rusty microwave is not the end of the world but it may cause a safety issue. Because the rust especially on the door causes a significant amount of magnetic radiation waves to escape. So a rusty microwave should be replaced ASAP.

2. Is it OK to use plastic in the microwave?

Before using food containers made with plastic, glass, ceramics, etc. make sure that their standard is as for storing food. Plastics contain hazardous particles which may harm your health.

3. Is melted plastic harmful?

Plastic contains harmful chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, sulfur dioxide, dioxins, furans, and heavy metals. When plastic container melts they get mixed with your food. So it is better not to eat them anymore.

Final Thoughts

Microwave is a helpful utensil in our daily life. It is one such electronic item that can instantly make us happy by making the late-night dinner warm and tasty or helping to prepare a homemade pastry item at our convenience. But it contains a critical mechanism to do so and a hazardous component to build it. Deposing it improperly way causes harm to any living being by imposing great pollution on the environment.

So when it is time to replace it please make sure that you are choosing the right method of disposing of it by which it will be recycled and will not impose any threat neither to any breathing creature nor to any element of our mother nature. We have to act as a responsible one and save our home which we call ‘Planet Earth’.


Todd Smith is a trained ecologist with five years of experience in environmental conservation and sustainability. He has a deep passion for promoting sustainable practices and has developed a thorough understanding of the natural world and its complex interconnections.

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