How to Dispose of Orbeez?

If we try to remember the funniest and most enjoyable playtime memories from our childhood, then playing with water beads or gel ball is surely one of them. Different colors of Orbeez were seen to us as different colors of life. It was not just the playing part that was exciting but watching them grow bigger from a tiny like particle was even surprising. We were too small to understand the science behind it back then. But who had time to think about it? Once It was ready, we were ready to play too!

Now we have grown older. The thought about ‘How Orbeez grows that big’ has converted to ‘how to dispose of Orbeez’. Though the invention of the gel ball wasn’t based on fun play at first time but still by reading thoroughly you will be able to understand all the possible aspects of Orbeez and most importantly how to dispose of Orbeez. So, let the fun begin!

Key Takeaways

  • Orbeez is a water bead, marketed to children for use as a toy-like play material.
  • The main materials used for making Orbeez are acrylic acid, sodium hydroxide, and water. Different added colors are for different colored Orbeez.
  • Orbeez is a bio-degradable gel ball that disposes over time by not causing any to the environment or any living being.
  • The best way to dispose of Orbeez is to simply keep them under plants and it will provide moisture to them while disposing.

What is Orbeez? Difference Between Orbeez And Water Beads

Orbeez are small pallets that expand once they are in touch with water for a few hours. They can grow over a hundred times larger than their normal size. They are made of acrylic acid, sodium hydroxide, and water and don’t do any harm to the human body and environment.

There is NO DIFFERENCE between Orbeez and Water Beads. If you are wondering ‘what does that mean?’ then you should know that the actual name of the gel ball-like substance is Water Beads. They were invented for use as a moisture provider for plants.  Whereas Orbeez is a brand that makes water beads and levels them as ‘Orbeez’ and sells it for children’s use.

So practically there is no difference between Orbeez and water beads.

4 Ways to Dispose of Orbeez

Orbeez can last for a period from a few days to even over months. As Orbeez are non-recyclable thus if you are looking for ways you can dispose of them then remember that Orbeez are fully bio-degradable and it doesn’t cause any harm to nature. Below are some methods that you can follow to dispose of Orbeez.

1. Use in Plants

The best way of disposing of them is to simply leave them under plants. This will help the plants to get moisture once the Orbeez dissolves into the soil. Orbeez or water beads were invented in the 60s as an alternative for watering plants regularly. As water beads contain water in themselves and it allows the plants to get proper moisture from them.

So the first thing you can do to dispose of the Orbeez is to simply put them under plants are once they start to dissolve, they will release water causing the plants to get moisturized, and disposal of the Orbeez will happen in an eco-friendly way.

Use in plants

2. Throw in The Bin

If you don’t have any pot-based plants, then you can throw them in the trash bin. As Orbeez are bio-degradable, they will get melt over time and mix with other garbage. Before throwing it into the trash bin remember to shrink out the water a bit from the Orbeezs and put them into a smaller bag. It will be best to use small plastic bags as they are more steady and reduces the leaking of water. If you don’t have a plastic bag, then the use of a multilayered paper bag is fine too.

In both cases tie a knot to seal the opening of the bag to prevent unwanted escaping of the Orbeezs from the bag. The more they are together the better.

Throw in the bin

3. Dump into Sand or Soil

Playing with the Orbeezs causes them to be thrown here and there. In this process, many are lost in the playground. It is a hectic process to retrieve them and not mandatory at the same time as they are bio-degradable. To dispose of them, you can dump them over sand and soil. Over time it will cause the formulation of chemicals to break and the Orbeezs will dispose by themselves.

This process will not only dispose of the Orbeezs but also will keep the soil hydrated by injecting moisture into it. Moisture keeps the soil healthy and helps the soil and other small soil-based insects to grow. Overall this process will get rid of the Robeez and help the natural ecosystem to boost.

Dump into sand or soil

4. Dump After Dissolving

Orbeezs grow bigger once they are in touch with water for a few hours. They may seem very innocent and not harmful while playing but if you are thinking of disposing of them in the sink or any other sewerage line note that it may clog the sewerage line if they are enough in numbers.

Water beads are prone to grow big once they are in water so throwing them will not help you as they will not dispose properly in the sewerage line. Rather it can cost you to hire a plumber to get your sewerage line fixed if you flush them in a big quantity.

So the easy solution is to dissolve them before flushing them into the bathroom sink or other sewerage line. To do this gather all the Orbeezs you want to dispose of together in a container and sprinkle salt or bleaching powder over them, after some time you will see the upper layer of the Orbeezs has melted down, stir it often to get quicker results. Repeat this method until there is only water left on the bottom of that container. This liquid form of the Orbeezs will not expose any danger of clogging the water line. This may take a little effort and home-based resources but all the effort will get paid off.

Dump after dissolving

None of the methods described above causes any kind of harm to the environment or any living being if applied correctly.

Use of Salt and Bleach to Dissolve Orbeez

Use of salt and bleach to dissolve orbeez

From the last method of disposing of Orbeezs, you may wonder how to dissolve Orbeezs and how that works. Salt is one of the readily available materials that can dissolve Orbeezs completely. Other substances like bleach and dish soap can do that too but these materials including salt take a bit of time to dissolve properly.

If by mistake full-sized Orbeez has been flushed into the bathroom sink it may cause the water line to jam. To solve the clog you can sprinkle salt, bleach, and dishwasher soap which will create a reaction among the particles of the Orbeezs and they will start to melt down. It may take a while to clear the clog of the waterway. This can save you from hiring a plumber. You can use a mix of water and vinegar too for dissolve the Orbeezs too.

These processes are result-oriented but cost time and a bit of resources. So be careful what you do to dispose of Orbeezs.

Reuse of Orbeez

In case you don’t know, there are numerous alternative ways that you can use instead of disposing of the Orbeezs. Some of them are very exciting for the adults.

Reuse of orbeez
  • Shrink for reuse: Orbeezs is an extraordinary example of practical science. You can reuse the same Orbeez more than once by shrinking them back to their ‘packed’ size. First, you have to separate the Orbeezs from water and keep them under warm sunlight to dry. As time goes by the water inside of the Orbeez will vaporize and cause the Orbeez to shrink to its actual size. You can reuse them again whenever you need them. Isn’t it interesting?!
  • To Decor your house: Orbeezs can be a great resource for decorating your house in many senses. You just have to be creative about it. For instance, you can make or buy some LED lamp lights intending to pour them with water and Orbeezs. When they grow bigger they will imitate their different colors as the LED light is one beneath them. It will look marvelous for sure!

Is Orbeez Bio-Degradable?

Is orbeez bio degradable

The answer of if Orbeezs or water beads are bio-degradable relies on their very original use of them which is their use in plants to provide moisture. They fade away over time and get mixed with the soil and they are bio-degradable. That’s why they are still being used in areas where frequent watering is not possible. Thought it may take time as long as over a year based on the intensity of the materials used to build them.

Also if you buy a packet of Orbeez you will see the ‘100% Bio-degradable’ tag on it. In terms of using them as fun material, the parents should know that Orbeez is only compatible with kids who are above three years old because the different vibrant colors of them attract the kids and they may swallow them thinking as candy or other sweet stuff. They cause no harm to the human body and digestive. But kids below 3 years may get suffocated after swallowing them.


1. Is Orbeez toxic if swallowed?

Orbeez is made of acrylic acid, sodium hydroxide, and water. Though they are not poisonous and toxic if swallowed they may expand further in touch with water which can cause mild to extreme suffocation.

2. What happens if you leave Orbeez in the water too long?

Leaving Orbeez in water for too long can cause them to break easily or mold. Because they soak water from size generation and if in water for too long they try to soak more water and thus causing the breakage.

3. Can Orbeez be recycled?

Orbeez can’t be recycled because they are made of absorbent material like polymer plastic which is a non-recyclable substance.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of water beads was to use them in the plants to help them get moisture and have a steady growth. But it quickly has seen its use as a fun-toy typed use among children.  The process of becoming a gel-like ball from a small particle comparable to a grain seed is fairly easy and astonishing but to dispose of them takes a lot more than that just throwing them anywhere.

Orbeez as branded water beads are very popular among Gen Z kids and continue to be used in parallel agricultural use. They are overall perfectly bio-degradable and doesn’t cause any hamper to human or any living beings. They are also environmentally friendly. But still, you should use them with certain professional matters and cautions to prevent any unwanted incident from happening.


Todd Smith is a trained ecologist with five years of experience in environmental conservation and sustainability. He has a deep passion for promoting sustainable practices and has developed a thorough understanding of the natural world and its complex interconnections.

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