Is Dippin Daisy's Sustainable

Is Dippin Daisy’s Sustainable?

Dippin Daisy’s is a swimwear brand based in California that has been operating since 2015. They are known for their premium quality and affordability, Dippin Daisy’s offers a wide range of swimwear options. These swimsuits not only provide practicality for sunbathing at the beach, but they also offer an attractive and trendy appearance that helps you stand out from the crowd. If you’re seeking a pleasant vibe for your pool sessions, Dippin Daisy’s products are definitely worth trying.

In today’s world, where the demand for sustainable products is growing rapidly, you might be curious to know if brands like Dippin Daisy’s prioritize sustainability in their clothing production. Fortunately, Dippin Daisy’s is committed to sustainability. By choosing their clothes, you become a part of the sustainable movement, contributing to a better environment.

Key Takeaways

  • Dippin Daisy’s is a sustainable swimming lingerie retailing brand that offers affordable swimsuits.
  • Dippin Daisy’s uses recycled, organically sourced, and non-toxic materials for premium build quality.
  • Dippin Daisy’s produces their products in small batches to reduce wastage and unsold pieces thrown into landfills.
  • Dippin Daisy’s is a WBENC-certified brand means at least 51 percent owned, controlled, operated, and managed by women.

Sustainable Materials By Dippin Daisy’s

Sustainable Materials By Dippin Daisy’s
Sustainable Materials By Dippin Daisy’s

Dippin Daisy’s has been known for its legit sustainability efforts. The base step for any brand’s sustainability effort starts with using sustainable materials for their product. Here is the list of 4 Dippin Daisy’s sustainably made materials:

Recycled Nylon

Dippin Daisy uses sustainably made nylon for their fabric manufacturing. 95 percent of the brand’s swimsuits are made from recycled pre- and post-consumer nylon. Recycled nylon comes from a variety of sources, such as fiber left over from spinning clothing, nylon fishing nets, and plastic bottles. This causes less amount of petroleum oil to be used for nylon production and lower carbon emission.

Non Toxic Metal

The use of metal in swimwear becomes a factor in terms of the ingredients they are made of. As per Dippin Daisy’s website, they claim to be using 100% Lead and toxic materials like Iron, nickel, and chromium-free metal adjustable strap sliders in their swimwear. This means your body is much safer wearing their swimsuits.

Recycled Foam

As you know top piece of swimsuits use foams to give you a better experience and are made of polyurethane or polyester. Dippin Daisy’s uses recycled foams to give you a soft vibe yet not hamper the environment with a better solution of plastic-made materials.

Organic Sources Elastic

Another important material used in swimsuits is Elastane. This is also made of synthetic chemicals like Polyurethane. Dippin Daisy’s solution against this plastic-like material is they use organic & natural rubber trees to produce elastane. This elasticity is plant-based and leaves less impact on the environment.

Dippin Daisy’s Sustainable Qualities

Apart from using sustainably sourced materials in Dippin Daisy’s products, there are some other factors that made Dippin Daisy’s a well-sustainable brand.

Use of Quality Materials

As mentioned earlier, the first criterion to consider a clothing brand sustainable is if they are using sustainable materials. To minimize cost, more brands are using cheap. Non-sustainable materials. But Dippin Daisy’s has set ‘quality product’ in their mission list to become a well-sustaining brand. That’s why they are using all recycled, non-toxic, and organic products which are best in terms of quality.

Small Batches

One positive side of Dippin Daisy’s is that they have their manufacturing facility in the mainland USA which has set them apart from other brands. This facility comes with advantages like producing swimsuits in small batches to avoid leftovers and wastage. The fast-fashioned brands keep their product price low by producing big quantities. Which leaves a lot of leftovers that end up in landfills. Dippin Daisy prefers to reproduce one style if needed rather than producing big batches in the first place.

Biodegradable Packaging

One common part of a sustainable brand is that they try to keep the packaging sustainable too along with the product. Dippin Daisy’s has kept transparency regarding not being able to find a 100% recycled packaging solution yet.  But they are using every other possible alternative to keep the environmental effects as low as possible. As of now the paper inserts for packaging are made of 30% post-consumer recycled, chlorine-free, sustainable fiber.

Why Choose Dippin Daisy’s Over Other Sustainable Brands?

Why Choose Dippin Daisy’s Over Other Sustainable Brands
Why Choose Dippin Daisy’s Over Other Sustainable Brands

Dippin Daisy’s has always prioritized customer satisfaction through best service over anything. That’s why they are a popular brand as of today. Some of the positive reasons you will find for choosing Dippin Daisy’s are below:

Cheap Rate

Dippin Daisy’s swimwear’s relatively cheap than other brands. Dippin Daisy’s bestselling swimsuits category shows products like Bikini Top, Bikini Bottom, and One Piece price varies from $23 to $80. Where similar types of clothing are being sold from $25 to as much as $300 which are less likely to be given any advantage.

Female Owned Culture

Dippin Daisy’s has been always a female culture-oriented company. It was established by Elaine Tran and Dippin Daisy’s design is also influenced by keeping the ease of for the woman in mind. Dippin Daisy is a WBENC-certified brand means at least 51 percent owned, controlled, operated, and managed by women.

Digital Color Printed

Dippin Daisy’s has some of the best collection of printed swimwear collections. Thanks to its private facility of digital print dye house in Los Angeles. Its Re: Purpose collection features much more print in use to be precise. This feature reduces environmental hazards as fabric dying causes much more natural resources to affect.

Recycling Old Swimsuits

Dippin Daisy’s is one of the few brands in the market that has an old swimsuit recycling policy. This is part of their two-year plan to create a recycling program for old swimsuits. This will provide the users with an efficient option for disposing of their swimsuits. Other than that, Dippin Daisy’s has a contract with Terracycle for further recycling their excess and scrap fabric to be made new again.

Small Batches

As mentioned earlier, Dippin Daisy’s manufactures their styles in small batches, using their manufacturing facility. It allows them to judge the overall demand of certain styles at a time and reproduce further if needed. That ensures their commitment to reducing readymade wastage. It also helps the customers to buy without worrying about the style to be stocked out very soon.

Dippin Daisy’s Activewear

Dippin Daisys Activewear
Dippin Daisys Activewear

Alongside swimwear, Dippin Daisy’s has branched out into other clothing lines as well, namely Activewear! Activewear is a must if you are in the process of keeping yourself in shape. Whether you are taking gym lessons or having your morning jogging, activewear is very helpful for a better experience. Dippin Daisy’s has introduced women’s activewear such as sports bras, leggings, tank tops, biker shorts, etc.

This activewear is being made using the same type of materials Dippin Daisy uses in their swimwear products. That’s why this activewear also bears the same promise of best sustainable practice in every sense. Apart from sustainable practice, this activewear comes with benefits like bigger sizer inclusiveness, and premium fabrics made with recycled and environment-friendly materials. In a word, Dippin Daisy’s activewear is the softest, most durable, premium design, and made to shape your activeness to perfection.


1. Where is Dippin Daisy made?

All the products of Dippin Daisy’s are entirely made in the USA. Though some of the raw materials may come from out of the state most of the fabrications and assembly are done in California.

2. What makes a swimsuit sustainable?

Swimsuits and other clothing that are made from sustainable materials make them sustainable swimsuits. These sustainability causes ensure their longevity and environmental friendliness.

3. Does Dippin Daisy’s offer size inclusivity?

Yes, Dippin Daisy follows inclusivity while sizing. They offer XS, S, M, L, and XL. 2Xl, 3Xl, and ‘OS’ or overall size which is considered as free size.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Dippin Daisy’s has been a front runner in the arena of sustainably made lucrative styled swimwear. Crafted with trendy designs, build material, and well workmanship to meet your desire of looking good and feeling comfortable. Dippin Daisy’s uses the best durable raw materials to provide you with clothing that is both human and environment-friendly. That’s what set Dippin Daisy’s apart from other brands. Their promises have the potential to make a change in environmental sustainability in the long run.  We hope that customers will choose brands like Dippin Daisy’s and influence other brands to meet the same. That’s how we will be able to achieve a sustainable environment along with a well-enjoyed swimming time.


Todd Smith is a trained ecologist with five years of experience in environmental conservation and sustainability. He has a deep passion for promoting sustainable practices and has developed a thorough understanding of the natural world and its complex interconnections.

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