Is emmiol fast fashion

Is Emmiol Fast Fashion?

Coined from a Spain word, ‘Emmiol’ means beauty. It wasn’t founded long ago, starting its journey in the glamourous and trendy clothing retail business in 2020. But they have managed to gain public attention with their fabulously designed, trendy, and stylish clothes. They offer young men, women, and everyone that has good taste in fashion and has the desire to look good in their sense.

Although they seem to be a pretty decent brand and one might likely wear their clothing without any hesitation but things aren’t the not are the same as the seams. They have taken various initiatives to look like a well-sustaining brand as they have ‘Green Day’ every month and have banned the use of animal hide and fur for use in the goods they made. But is it enough to not judge them as a fast fashion brand? In this article, we will try to compile the information together and analyze them to see if they are really making a change or just greenwashing their customers.

Key Takeaways

  • The term ‘Fast Fashion’ is used for describing fashion items that are brought to market for consumers for a relatively cheap price and also within the shortest time.
  • Emmiol used different types of non-environmentally, unsustainable yarns such as Cotton Blend, Polyester, Spandex, Nylon, etc. which become a burden to nature.
  • Fast fashioning brands’ production is based on cheap materials and releases a great amount of carbon and other toxic materials into nature.
  • Sometimes it takes as low as 2 weeks from design to putting on shelves for selling clothing products.

Fast Fashion: Its Definition

Fast fashion its definition
Fast fashion: its definition

Before jumping into the fact that Emmiol is a fast fashion brand let’s first understand the phrase fast fashion. Many of you may have more knowledge than me already but never mind! Leave a bit of room for those who don’t know yet.

The term ‘Fast Fashion’ is used for describing fashion items that are brought to market for consumers for a relatively cheap price and also within the shortest time. In another way, when a design is being presented for the first time on a catwalk or such exhibition, the brands bring out the trendy designs to their store shelves within 30-40 days (even less). Also, fast-fashioned brands use cheap materials and manufacturing processes to keep the customer end price low. Thus people get newly designed dresses at a relatively low price.

Though everything seems fine to you as of now but while fast fashion brands provide cheap-priced clothing right away to you it leaves a negative impact on the environment and workers in the garment industry. Thus causing long-lasting damage to our planet Earth in exchange for a piece of ‘cheaply priced clothing’ for your wearing.

What Materials Does Emmiol Use?

What materials does emmiol use
What materials does emmiol use

If you go through the product list of Emmiol on their website, then you will see the raw materials that were used to make the fabric is mentioned there. Different types of non-environmentally, unsustainable yarns such as Cotton Blend, Polyester, Spandex, Nylon, etc. are being used to make their goods. Though there are different types of sub-type in-between the yarns and some of them are presumably environment sustainable but as of now there is no credible source that assures that they use such type of materials as part of their sustainability commitment. Thus there remains the suspicion that they are doing nothing but greenwashing their customers. Note that material like polyester is made of crude oil and requires a large quantity of energy to create. Ultimately polluting the environment.

Is Emmiol Fast Fashion?

Various sources are claiming that the brand Emmiol is not to be fast fashioned as they are taking initiatives and putting efforts for environmentally sustainable product manufacturing materials. But the truth is their initiatives lack transparency and proper implementation. They are indeed a Fast Fashion Brand today.

  • First of all, they have over 3000+ men’s designs displayed on their website. As mentioned earlier, the basic characteristic of a fast-fashioned brand is they tend to bring newer designs frequently. Now imagine you are scrolling a website full of your desired type of clothing, you bought one and a few days later you see a similar type of clothing with a newer design. You can buy that too but is it worth this cheap-priced clothing’s on a reparative manner as you have already enough of these stockpiled in your wardrobe?
  • Secondly, the same goes for the women’s clothing. While the brand says it holds a limited amount of stock to prevent waste, in reality, there are over 4000+ styled women’s clothing being displayed for sale. This is nothing but influencing people to choose from their vast options. Where options are rich, you tend to go for any of them for sure.
  • Finally comes the part ‘Quality’. One major marketing strategy for fast fashion brands is that they put Quantity over Quality to maintain costs and retain the profit margin higher always. Thus they sacrifice the quality part. If you go through the review section of the products of Emmiol you will see hundreds of hundreds of negative reviews of that certain product being qualities. This creates more and more wastage as you throw away your rarely used but damaged clothing items in the bin.

4 Elements of Fast Fashion

There are various based on which a brand can be identified as a fast-fashioned brand. I have already mentioned a little bit about it in the early stage of the article. Now the core 4 elements of fast fashion are as below:

1. Trend application

Fast fashion brands play the trick of applying trends to their product designs. In the era of social media, it is easy to start, spread and track a trend very easily. And people love to put everything on the internet. That is how they grab the trends easily and put them into their designs. Not just social media trends, but also anything that people follow and would love to wear themselves becomes a trend and that’s how Fast fashioned brands bring new designs in more or less every week.

Trend application
Trend application

2. Rapid production

As mentioned earlier, it takes a very short lead time for the fast fashioned brands to bring out any newly presented dress to their shop shelves for selling. Sometimes it is even within 2 weeks. This becomes possible because of the manufacturers they source from. Usually, just like Emmiol, fast fashion brands don’t have their production setup. They rather order them fast-track from countries like China, Bangladesh, and Vietnam to use cheap, fast-paced labor to do the dirty work for them.

Rapid production
Rapid production

3. Competitive pricing

Usually, fast fashion brands offer clothing and other products at a cheap rate. This is because one hand cheap-priced products are relatively attractive for a high quantity of sales and on the other hand they take lower cost to make from third parties. Basically, in this way, they can generate higher profit margins as they sell lots of pieces altogether. Their raw materials used are too cheap in terms of price and easy to source.

Competitive pricing
Competitive pricing

4. Low quality

As mentioned earlier, if you go to the Emmiol website and look for the customer’s review then you will see there are hundreds of bad reviews regarding the bad quality of various products. As the raw materials are cheap so is the manufacturing cost, it is obvious that the product quality will gradually decline. The main objective of fast fashion brands like Emmiol is to produce and sell as much as products as possible to keep the manufacturing cost low and their profit margin high.

Low quality
Low quality

Drawbacks of Fast Fashion

Drawbacks of fast fashion
Drawbacks of fast fashion

Though there are several advantages of fast fashioning at first glance such as it allows customers to buy clothing at a cheap rate but it is nothing but a brand’s profit-oriented business model. Now let’s talk about some of the drawbacks it causes-

Bad for the environment

The first and foremost negative impact fast fashion causes is the destruction of the natural environment. There is more or less every step of fast fashioning that causes damage to nature. The manufacturing process itself is the main culprit. Fast fashioning brands’ production is based on cheap materials and releases great amounts of carbon and other toxic materials into nature. The disposal, recycling isn’t happening anytime soon and the list goes on and on.

Cheap materials & poor workmanship

As mentioned earlier, the fast fashioning brand uses non-sustainable and cheap materials to make their products for reducing costs. Emmiol itself uses non-BCI cotton, Polyester, Spandex, and non-recycled nylon which are crude oil and other artificial chemicals to make and poses an immense threat to nature. Also due to the low wages and cost per minute(CPM) quoted, the workmanship of these products is often below average.

Encourages “throw-away” mentality

The most common feature of a fast fashion brand is its quick launch of newer designs at regular intervals. Their marketing strategy is to influence customers to buy those newer designs without noticing that they barely need them. It creates a stockpile of rarely used clothing in the wardrobe and customers are often subjected to a ‘throw away the older one’ mentality.

Exploiting labor practices

If the use of cheap materials and cheap labor from third-world countries to minimize cost were not enough, fast fashion brands indirectly influence the manufacturing houses to exploit workers by providing even lower wages, forced to work 15-18 hours a day in a compact workplace. There is evidence of exploiting minority workers in China and this is happening mostly because of fast fashion brands’ hunger for a bigger profit.

4 Alternatives for Emmiol

We don’t encourage you not to buy from Emmiol but we do request you sincerely to consider brands with their ethicality before swiping your cards. It will help the environment to sustain itself longer. Some of the Emmiol alternatives are as below:

Alternatives for emmiol
Alternatives for emmiol

1. Patagonia

Patagonia has a reputation for maintaining environmental sustainability and social responsibility. They produce high-quality products using recycled and environment-friendly materials, practice fair labor law implementation, and minimize their carbon footprints as much as possible.

2. Lucy & Yak

A UK-based company called Lucy & Yak is well-known for its vibrant and cozy clothes produced from organic cotton and recycled materials. They prioritize ethical manufacturing and support fair trade principles.

3. Plant Faced Clothing

Apparel company producing items using vegan materials such as recycled polyester and organic cotton. Their production facilities are Fair Wear or WRAP certified for ethical production.

4. Afends

An Australian company, Afends prioritizes ethical behavior and sustainability. They use recycled fabrics, hemp, and organic cotton in their apparel line. Additionally, Afends supports fair working conditions and supply chain transparency.


1. Is Emmiol a trustworthy website?

Though there is speculation against Emmiol being a fast fashion brand they are a 100% legit e-commerce-based company that sells cheap-priced clothing for men, and women.

2. What percentage of fashion is fast fashion?

According to market research firm Business Research Company, fast fashion makes up about 18% of the $551.4 billion global apparel market, which is approx. $100 billion.

3. What is the largest fast fashion brand?

In the American fast fashion market, Chinese e-commerce behemoth Shein has seen a stratospheric rise, with its sales and market share surpassing rivals.

Final Thoughts

Clothing has been one of the basic needs for humans till the start of human civilizations. It was not long ago when people industrialized this sector for efficient garment manufacturing. But as unethical and unsustainable methods of cloth manufacturing have been costly for nature to bear, mass consumers have come forward with a demand for ethically sourced and made items of clothing.

But in light of the above discussion, it is clear that Emmiol priories quantity over quality. And for supplying low-cost clothing, in a vast amount, within a short time- their supply chain and product sourcing formulas were never enough as per standard. Thus ultimately categorizing them as a Fast Fashion Brand.


Todd Smith is a trained ecologist with five years of experience in environmental conservation and sustainability. He has a deep passion for promoting sustainable practices and has developed a thorough understanding of the natural world and its complex interconnections.

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