Is Motel Rocks Fast Fashion?

Now and then there is a new fashion brand rising in the market. As we thrive to choose what is best for us to wear, we have to judge the brands by not just their designs and prices but also by the perimeter of their product quality, how the brands source the clothing, the impacts of the clothes on the environment, and so on. This is because the majority of us opt for a sustainable Earth which is in touch with moral values. But for the clothing that we wear, do we care to notice the past backgrounds and future upcoming they are living upon?

Fast fashion refers to the production and consumption of inexpensive clothing, often characterized by quick turnaround times and a focus on current fashion trends. If you love wearing old-fashioned clothing, then you may be loving brands like Motel Rocks. Let’s learn if they are fast fashion.

Key Takeaways

  • Fast fashion refers to the production and consumption of inexpensive clothing, often characterized by quick turnaround times and a focus on current fashion trends.
  • Artificial yarn like Polyester may give you a dope look but it may take 200 years to dispose of them naturally into soil.
  • Motel Rocks have a manufacturing hub in Indonesia. These third-party manufacturers tend to provide very little wages to their workers.

Is Motel Rocks Fast Fashion?

It will be too early to judge Motel Rocks as a fast fashion or ethical brand. Rather than going to a conclusion it will be better to judge them from different POVs and criteria. One thing to note is that no brand is 100% ethical or fast fashioned. There are certain branches that one is doing fine but another brand is lacking behind and needs to improve itself. So let’s break down a few criteria of Motel Rocks.

Fast Fashioning

One of the primary characteristics of a fast fashioning brand is that they tend to catch the ongoing trends very quickly and market new products based on that at a similar pace. It is deeply applicable for brands like Motel Rocks because as per Motel Rocks brand own statement that they consider 11 seasons in their yearbook for bringing out the thoughts of new designs. I would say, that a lot in the sense that it means now and then a new clothing style is being put into shelves. And at the same time making the recently bought style obsolete.

Cheap Labor

Though there is no clear indication or announcement from Motels Locks regarding their product manufacturing process and labor management, it is likely to go negatively. As they launch new styles now and then and opt to market them in a quick turnaround time means they also have to source them within a very short time. And where the lead time is short and you are not making them in-house means the third party takes anything but delivers the shipments. Also, there remains the subject of cheap labor for greater profit margins. Motel Rocks have a manufacturing hub in Indonesia and third-world country like Indonesia has a bad reputation for providing very little wages to the workers. So cheap labor remains an unethical side for Motel Rocks.


Again there is no inclusiveness of details regarding Motel Rocks’ sustainability efforts for a better impact on nature through their dresses. If you look into their product compositions it is easy to notice that most of the materials used in making them are less likely to be non-sustainable. Fabrics like polyester, elastin, viscose, conventional cotton, etc. are not organically sourced yarns rather they are artificial and comes with one of the worst disposable capacity. So imagine you bought a short seasoned dress that you are going to wear a few times before you throw it away in favor of newer trends. That dress may end up in a landfill and can take 200 years or beyond to dispose of.

User Review

There are mixed types of reviews given by users on various online-based review sites. Though some of them said Motel Rocks’ overall service was good, a maximum of the customers have reviewed them negatively in terms of their return policy. Many have claimed that the size and fabric quality weren’t a match and in the worst scenario, when they intended to ship the parcel back it was asked $30 which was insane! Also, some of the customers complained regarding their delivery lead time, lack of response regarding customer queries, and claiming that the parcel has been marked delivered when in reality it was not. 

Motel Rocks is rated ‘We avoid’ overall.

Ways to Spot a Fast Fashion Brand

Ways to spot a fast fashion brand

There are some key factors in spotting a fast fashion brand. You can identify them easily before buying a cloth. It may help you to find alternative ethical, slow fashions.

Too Many Quick Styles

It is literally named on the type- ‘Fast Fashion’. You will be able to identify a fast fashion brand by looking into the fact that how often they bring newly designed cloth into the market. Some of the brands use a ‘micro season’ format to bring on a new design. Thus it is every now and then to launch a new type of dress.

Short Turnaround

Brands that are little known to famous names in this arena usually arrange a catwalk or fashion shows where they put on show their fashion ideas. Then as per customers’ opinions, they put them on shelves after a certain time. This turnaround time is very short for fast fashion brands. They tend to launch the new design in the shortest time possible after a new trend or design has been shown for a fast time.

Manufactured Using Cheap Labor

Usually, fast fashioning brands use offshore plants, mostly third-party manufacturing companies to source their products. These factories are often situated in third-world countries where labor is very cheap. Moreover, workers are paid very little wages, working long hours in a relatively inconvenient workplace. There is also child labor involvement in producing these products which is highly illegal.

Influences Customer’s Mind With Little Qty’s

There are certain fast fashioning brands that use this tactic. Small quantities of a particular garment are put for sale and as now and then new styles are coming, shoppers intents to buy them quickly in fear of running out of stock.

Lack of Inclusiveness

Fast fashioning brands often use low-graded, unsustainable materials to manufacture clothes. Thus they may bring new designs so often, customer satisfaction doesn’t come that often. Moreover, the type of material they use, did they abide by labor laws, and other user and nature-oriented perspectives are kept hidden from customers. There is always an ethical question mark that remains.

Why Is Fast Fashion Bad for Earth?

Why is fast fashion bad for earth

The fashion industry has been growing at a rate that has become unsustainable for the Earth. This is even more so with the boom of fast fashion since the early 2010s! So let’s see exactly how they have affected the Earth’s environment and its inhabitants.

Polluting Environment

The impact of fast fashion on planet Earth is immense. To reduce cost and speed up production, environmental take care corners are likely to be cut. Moreover, the use of low-grade chemicals and toxic textile dyes are the most polluters of clean water globally. Other ingredients like Polyester causes no sustaining issues to the soil and usual non-organic kinds of cotton are water hungry. Also, fast fashioning means you are throwing away your old clothes, causing more and more unnecessary no recycled waste in nature.

Mistreat Workers

As mentioned earlier, fast-fashioned brands outsource their products mostly from third-world countries where labor is cheap. For minimizing costs, they are also paid less than they are supposed to get and they have to work in a bizarre work environment. Causing them permanent mental, health, and financial drawbacks. There is little or no use of labor law implementation.

Harming Animals

Fast fashion also has an impact on animals. In nature, the toxic chemicals released in water are ingested by both land and marine organisms throughout the food chain with devastating consequences. When animal products, like leather, fur, and even wool, are directly used in fashion, animal welfare suffers. For instance, several scandals have revealed that genuine fur, including that of cats and dogs, is often sold to consumers as faux fur. Because they cost much less than acquiring authentic faux fur.

Ethical Alternatives For Motel Rocks

Since Motel Rocks toes the line of being ethical even for a fast fashion, you can always opt to switch for an ethical alternative instead! There are many great brands out there and here are some of them that you might consider:

Ethical alternatives for motel rocks

Stella McCartney

Since her debut collection in the early 90s, Stella McCartney has been revolutionizing the fashion landscape. Known for her modern, natural-feeling designs, the British luxury designer has been symbolic in the use of sustainable materials and sustainable practices.

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman is empowering women around the world with unique vintage designs. This brand is committed to ethical fashion & sustainable practices. Their mission is to design and manufacture garments with more care, less impact, raise awareness, and make a difference. They use a range of organic and naturally recycled fibers.


Afends is one of the sustainable fashion brands which are creating big impacts in terms of using a blend of lucrative design, sustainable material use, and ethically sourced products. They are certified by GOTS, OCS, and OCS Blend, creating buttery smooth fashion with minimal waste, high durability, and sustainable materials.


1. What is the delivery method for Motel Rocks to the USA?

Delivery to the USA charges $12.71 which is free if the order is over $128. Delivery takes to 6/13 postal days, after the day of dispatch via DHL trackable service.

2. What is a slow fashion brand?

It is a new eco-friendly approach to fashion that focuses on sustainability, recycling, or acquiring second-hand clothes and encourages the idea of buying better quality garments after thinking thoroughly.

3. Who started fast fashion?

The fast Fashion concept was raised in the 90s and the phrase was first used by The New York Times to explain Zara’s goal to take a fashion piece from being designed to hanging on a clothing store rack in a mere 15 days.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for clothing with great design and comfort, then you can choose Motel Rocks at any time. But like a responsible Earth resident, it is your duty to look further into the fact of their product sourcing method, materials used, if labor laws implemented and overall business model to comply with great sustainable Earth initiatives. Other than that they are just bringing more and more designs every day, influencing you to buy them. And you are too throwing away your little used clothes in a non-sustaining way, keeping a little negative fingerprint on polluting nature and making unnecessary wastages which ultimately makes the Earth more inhabitable day by day.


Todd Smith is a trained ecologist with five years of experience in environmental conservation and sustainability. He has a deep passion for promoting sustainable practices and has developed a thorough understanding of the natural world and its complex interconnections.

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