What Are Some Things You Can Reuse? 18 Recyclable Items

The best way to reduce cost and use an already-available product would be to repurpose, recycle, and reuse the regular products. Instead of throwing them away in the garbage, they can be recycled and turned into something entirely new. And all of it makes the whole world more sustainable.

So what are some things you can reuse? There have been many examples of people who loved the idea of leaving with recycled and repurposed items. Though they were referred to as hippies, the idea was fun. You get to show your creativity and get the best out of something. Even many small businesses started in the blocks where people would collect unused and unloved products and turn them into something new. And that’s why reusing different items is very on trend right now.

If you want to learn about why things are reused and what are some things you can reuse, then read on and find out all about them!

What Are Some Things You Can Reuse?

When it comes to reusing the things you have around, there is more than one criterion. For example, you can reuse household items, kitchen items, bedroom items, and even toiletries. Depending on the overall situation of that product, you can either reuse or repurpose it. When we think about reuse, we are just using the product to get them to do the same work. When you repurpose things, you are using the same product for something else. Here, let’s see some items that can be reused or repurposed.

3 what-are-some-things-you-can-reuse
3 What are some things you can reuse

1. Tea bags:

Tea bags have multiple uses. You can even use them as soaps. Or you can use them for your garden as tea bags are rich in nutrients that are good for plants. They also have a calming effect on the skin, and they will soothe skin rashes.

2. Reusable coffee filters:

Some coffee filters can be used multiple times before they can’t be used so be sure to them instead.

3. Beer bottles:

You can use a beer bottle to make a lamp, and you can just pop some fairy lights on the beer bottle and hang them by the cord on the balcony. Using beer bottles as soap dispensers with a fancy nozzle will also work.

4. Egg cartons:

Egg cartons can be used to hold fragile items. For example, the egg cartons would be perfect if you want your Christmas decorations to stay intact. You can just place them on each holder and keep them intact. Egg cartons are also ideal for growing and saving seeds.

5. Jars:

Jars can be reused for storing purposes. For example, you can cook homemade jelly, jam, or sauces and keep them in a jar. Or you can use different jars to prep your oatmeal overnight.

6. Plastic bottles:

Plastic bottles can be used to plant different trees and are in perfect shape for decorating a garden. The broken pieces of a plastic bottle are often used to hold fragile trees or seedlings. Hanging planters are usually made using plastic bottles.

What are some things you can reuse

7. Food containers:

Food containers are the perfect product to keep the food. You can use your ice cream containers to store the meal prep or even the salads. And with small containers, you can take them out for a trip or even as snacks.

8. Cereal bags:

These kinds of bags can be used to keep different products in a fridge. You can even use them to store fruits and vegetables. The cereal bags can also be used as garbage bags.

9. Food scraps:

Though these items are often thrown in the garbage, they can also be reused. You can deep fry the potato skin and even get the veggie scraps as a side dish when you sauté them well. Strawberry and lemon tops are often used with cocktails. You can just pop them in a bottle and shake them well with some vinegar and water to make a mist when using lime or citrus.

10. Old chairs:

The chairs where the pillows and handles are torn, you can reuse them by doing a bit of DIY. Installing the cushions or covers on the chairs is very easy. And they don’t even cost that much. And when you see a part broken, you should try a wood adhesive and replace it with a new setup.

11. Paper clips:

Don’t throw away your bent paper clips! They are convenient when it comes to redoing the setting on a clock or calculator. They’ll even allow you to pick a lock. When you want to get the dirt out of a small place where the regular tools won’t reach, using a paper clip with some fabric will do the job.

12. Permanent markers:

The best way to revive the permanent markers would be by using some isopropyl alcohol. Here, first, you have to remove the back nib from the marker and then put some isopropyl alcohol in there. The felt should stay intact. Then put the nib back in and shake the marker well. The permanent marker will work as new.

what are some things you can reuse

13. Papers:

Magazines, newspapers, and paper bags are beneficial when reusing. You can use these products to get them to work as a wrapper, envelopes, or flooring, and they work like vintage and aesthetic items when you use them.

14. Clothes:

The best reuse of the clothes might be as a duster or a cleaner. Or you can put your old clothes for charity or for a Ngo with good intent. Donating clothes is the best way to reuse them.

15. Plastic bags:

Plastic bags can be stored for further shopping. You can just put your regular used shopping in these bags, and then you don’t have to pay for the bag or even increase the trash further up. Plastic bags can be your perfect grocery partner.

16. Broken dishes:

When you have a very precious dish broken, the best way to reuse them would be to redecorate them. They can be reused as flower pots, for borders, or even to make up a pot. Small plants on the mugs are perfect.

17. Old toothbrush:

The best way to clean the sides of a sink or even the area around the toilet would be with a toothbrush, and these will allow you to do a deep clean.

18. Rubber bands:

These can be used for securing clothes, organizing the spoons, and as a jar opener. The rubber bands made of fabric can be washed and reused again.

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Why Should We Reuse?

There are different reasons you can reuse other things, and the most common would be that you can just use them for something entirely new. Usually, a plastic bottle will be thrown in the recycling bin. Still, when you cut the bottle and recycle it to turn it into a valuable item for your garden, you are actually saving money for the government. And then you don’t have to spend five bucks on the plant holders. And this is how the reusing system would work for the mass. Here we are including the reasons why we should reuse:

Why reuse different things

1. Saving energy and resources

The most common reason why you’d want to reuse your things would be to save energy and resources like water and electricity. Recycling takes a lot of energy to recycle and produce new goods with it. You are saving all that electricity and natural resources from being wasted, just by reusing that one little plastic bottle. The slightest reuse makes a world of difference.

2. Preventing pollution

Environmental pollution is directly linked to waste. And every year, tons of natural and inorganic products are discarded in the name of garbage, contributing to land and soil pollution. Often, the products are burned or chemicals are used to get rid of things that are thrown away, producing harmful gases that pollute the air. And most of these products can be reused or repurposed instead. The reusing of different items will prevent pollution and also stop you from needing to replace the products that you have thrown away.

3. Reduce landfill and microplastic production

The problem with most of our household garbage is the fact they are made from inorganic products like plastic. These are known as non-biodegradable because nature cannot break down the components that make the product. As a result, these will remain in the land for many years without breaking down. The worst is these products breakdown to smaller bits called microplastic. They will get into everything, from the land to fishes, and will remain there for many years. The amount of microplastic that we are unknowingly consume is alarming!


1. What should we reuse?

We should reuse every household item until it is no longer reusable. This will save money and also save the planet from a crisis.

2. What are five ways to reuse?

The five ways to reuse are:
a) Recycle.
b) Repurpose.
c) Concert.
d) Design.
e) DIY.

Final Thoughts

Reusing and repurposing different things into something new has been encouraged a lot. This will reduce the amount of waste, and you will get the best of all. You can even rearrange your thoughts. And most importantly, reviving household products to reuse them is a great hobby. You’ll get the best out of everything, even if you don’t like it. You can paint over them, reshape them, and use other items. The primary purpose of reusing some things is to save money and the environment. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a new vase, you can make one with a two-dollar bottle and ten dollars’ worth of paint. So reusing materials costs less and saves more.

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Todd Smith is a trained ecologist with five years of experience in environmental conservation and sustainability. He has a deep passion for promoting sustainable practices and has developed a thorough understanding of the natural world and its complex interconnections.