Why We Should Buy Eco Friendly Fashion?

Today’s world is concerned about eco-friendly production in the fashion industry. Every country is making zero compromises to protect our environment from garment and textile production.

This issue is causing man-made and natural disasters to occur; from water pollution to the increasing greenhouse effect. The earth is the only place for us to live in. It is our duty to save and protect our home planet with the wise use of its resources.

Brands and companies are already making moves to ensure a climate-friendly fashion industry all around the globe. They are forced to make lesser and lesser waste of garments in the water, carbon emission into the air, and miles of landfill.

This move will be very effective if the consumers boycott fast fashion and practicing to buy eco-friendly fashion. As a customer, we should be aware of what kind of clothing we buy and how much it affects our environment.

Well, it touches pretty much everywhere in our climate. So, to keep our home planet safe from industrial damage, we need to know how to make eco-friendly fashion and its benefits of it.

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing eco-friendly fashion means being conscious about the materials used and the brand that is selling them.
  • Standards that eco-friendly fashion has to make are to reduce harm to the environment and protect workers in the textile industry.
  • The benefits of using green fashion are they are made from a sturdier material, meaning they last longer and produce less waste.
  • We must adopt eco-friendly fashion over fast fashion because the Earth and its environment are in danger.

How to Choose Eco Friendly Fashion?

How to choose eco friendly fashion

To make an eco-friendly fashion industry, we need to think about what to do and how to make our fashion industry more sustainable. Fashion brands are globally making climate-suitable garments that have a lesser impact. In 1962, all brands started to make green fashion to reduce the greenhouse effect and garment waste.

As a buyer or consumers, it is our duty to maintain the same by searching for green and sustainable clothing brands. Many clothing lines do not concern themselves with the well-being of our environment. Those are the fast fashion that makes trendy products faster and at a cheap price, which is not eco-friendly.

Climate-friendly brands make clothing that has high durability. It requires less chemical use and produces less wastage. The whole business process is under green fashion to make no damage to our environment. These brands support sustainable fashion by using organic fabrics instead of synthetic fiber.

Natural alternatives to synthetic fabrics are cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo, flax, jute, silk, wool, and alpaca. Avoid buying polyester, nylon, spandex, and acrylic.

Standards of Eco Fashion

Standards of eco fashion

Eco-friendly fashion maintains some standards. These standards will help you to clearly choose your outfit from all brands. Let’s see what those are.

Climate concern

Eco-friendly fashion is to reduce negative impacts on the environment. It also means taking care of the health and well-being of workers by improving garment quality and performance by reducing waste and improving efficiency. The basic objectives of sustainability are to reduce the consumption of non-renewable earth assets, minimize waste, and create healthy, productive environments.


Eco-friendly or green fashion maintains a standard of organic, natural, and biodegradable fabrics. Also, clothing made from recycled and repurposed materials helps with this being eco-friendly. Uses non-toxic dyes, zero waste pattern-cutting methods, and plastic-free packaging.


Climate-friendly fashion must be considered ethically. It must be formed with environmental and social responsibility. Ethical fashion brands ensure that garment workers are paid fairly, and work in discrimination-free, empowering, and safe work environments.


Saving and proper use of natural resources is necessary for the design and manufacture of garments. Low ecological impact of the materials used and that they can be recycled lessens the carbon footprint of both the producers and the users.

7 Benefits of Buying Eco Friendly Fashion

There are many benefits of using eco-friendly fashion. These will help you to save our climate and also will improve your fashion sense.

Styling development

Styling development

Using eco-friendly fashion will update your fashion style with a more ecological approach to fashion. Aiming for durable, classic, and timeless pieces that do not go out of style easily improves your fashion sense.

By choosing eco-fashion you make the conscious choice of buying fewer clothes with higher quality. It makes you understand the importance of having dress less is better and prevents waste. Adopt more simplicity in your style and consider accepting a minimalist style. Shop for new clothes only when you need to. This makes less use of garment items.

Avoiding fast fashion

Avoiding fast fashion

When you buy eco-friendly fashion dresses, you will be in need of genuine fashion items subconsciously. You will never realize why you go to a well-known branded shop again and again. This practice will drive you away from fast shopping which is harmful to the environment and also to your skin.

Avoiding fast fashion will discourage those brands who make fashion without maintaining eco-friendly rules. Let’s say no to harming our climate and deny excessive clothing consumption. Buy eco-friendly fashion to stay away from fast fashion trends.

Supporting green fashion

Supporting green fashion

Buying and wearing eco-friendly clothing promotes ethics and sustainability in the fashion industry. It brings awareness to the issues that the present global fashion industry is suffering.

Eco-friendly fashion is getting enormous acceptance now due to rising concerns about climate change and damage to our climate. It is now not only the responsibility of governments, organizations, and businesses. It is also up to the public to encourage sustainability in the fashion and garment industry.

Picking eco-friendly clothing which can be renewable resources will drive changes in the fashion system. Sustainability is quickly making one of the biggest challenges of this new decade. Sustainable fashion affects the present and future of all living species on Earth.

Protect animals

Protect animals

The fashion industry has an adverse impact on animal kinds. Textile wastage damages the environment and kills millions of lives every year. The pollution can travel through oceans, sky, and in landfills, suffocating the environment in the process.

This industry harms animals in both direct and indirect ways. Animal pelts and skins are used to make products such as fur, wool, leather, down-feathers, and silk. Animals for example sheep, cows, minks, pigs, goats, rabbits, and even cats, and dogs are poorly treated, beaten, electrocuted, or skinned alive on farms.

Fashion is also responsible for the trapping and skinning of many rare animals every year. Trappers trap a large number of reptiles, kangaroos, ostriches, beavers, wild cats, bears, antelopes, and seals to sell their pelt that will be used in fashion shows.

But, eco-friendly fashion does not harm animals. It is even prohibited to abuse animals in green fashion industries. Buying eco-friendly clothing means saving all animal kinds.

Reduce pollution

Reduce pollution

Clothing is producing garbage in landfills at an alarming rate. The fashion industry dumps tons of waste and pollution every year. More than 16 million tons of used textile waste are generated each year in the United States alone. That amount has doubled over the last 2 decades. The large majority of clothes that end up in landfills or burners could be reused or recycled.

Cheap synthetic materials which are used in fast fashion such as polyester, nylon, or acrylic are especially dangerous. They are not recyclable and take up to thousands of years to decompose. As breaking down, they release toxic gases, carbon dioxide, and methane, very potent greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The more responsible choice to repair and reuse this problem is to buy eco-friendly clothes. Consider buying second-hand and vintage green clothing as it extends the life of clothes and prevents more waste. You can easily cut and sew used garments and other textiles to create new clothes at home without extra machinery.

Prevent greenhouse and climate change

Prevent greenhouse and climate change

The textile industry is the reason for 8% of all carbon emissions in the world every year. This pollution is very dangerous and rapidly increasing. 20 to 25 percent of seawater pollution is caused by textile wastage. These pollutions are the reason for toxic chemicals and inorganic materials that are used hugely.

Eco-friendly fashion practices zero pollution and zero toxicity. Also, this habit avoids pills of garbage as they can be recycled and decomposed easily.

Save Economy

Save economy

Using eco-friendly fashion saves our money as well as the world economy. The fashion industry uses high-quality materials and expensive elements to make fine pieces of clothing. This makes the buyer buy the product with a good amount of money and importance.

As for us, we will treat these brands very carefully and buy as we need, not as we want. That’s what prevents us from shopping a lot and wasting unwanted clothes.

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Future of Eco-Friendly Fashion

Future of eco friendly fashion

Green fashion is important for our climate as well as for ourselves. You can’t imagine a world full of trash and garbage of what we are wearing today. This is tragic for humanity. All the animals, birds, and fish will be no more because of that.

This tragedy is already happening in many countries where carbon emissions are driven away birds and garment chemicals have killed millions of life underwater. This catastrophe will soon make the animal race collapse and bring down the human race.

We need to be more conscious about our climate and environment to stop that from happening. Using eco-friendly fashion is one of the best ways to remove all the waste from the environment. No harmful chemicals are being used for dying your clothing. Fashions are made of natural ingredients to compose easily. These are the things that can save us from extinction.

Within 50 years, we will have a more sustained environment for our new generations. To make that happen, we need to rely on eco-friendly fashion more and more. Supporting green clothes is the only way of reducing fast fashion and other harmful fashion items.


1. Why we should care about fast fashion?

There are two sides to fast fashion to care about.
a) Fast fashion benefits are affordable prices and instant satisfaction for consumers, more profits for companies, and the democratization of stylish and trendy clothing.
b) On the other side, fast fashion is also associated with pollution, waste the statement of a disposable mentality, low wages, and unsafe workplaces.

2. How do you shop for eco-friendly fashion?

Buy clothing made out of natural fabric fibers instead of synthetic fabrics. Natural alternatives to synthetic fabrics like cotton, linen, bamboo, flax, jute, silk, wool, and alpaca. Avoid any kind of polyester, nylon, spandex, and acrylic.

3. What is the most environmentally friendly clothing?

Mostly, natural fabrics like organic cotton and linen which are made from plants, and Tencel which is made from sustainable wood pulp, are more sustainable than man-made fabrics like Polyester and Nylon.

4. Is Louis Vuitton environmentally friendly?

LV creates high-quality, long-lasting products, and uses a high proportion of eco-friendly materials like reused and recycled materials. This is an act of eco-friendly work that reduces its climate impact and limits the number of chemicals and water used in production.

Final Thoughts

Buying eco-friendly fashion can save our planet. This depends on the hand of the sustained garment industry. As a consumer, we have to say no the fast fashion and adopt green fashion without any doubt. As you know, the fashion industry is the second-largest sector for carbon emissions, chemical pollution, and workplace ethics. So, we need to act against climate damage from now on.

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Todd Smith is a trained ecologist with five years of experience in environmental conservation and sustainability. He has a deep passion for promoting sustainable practices and has developed a thorough understanding of the natural world and its complex interconnections.